Our Rooms

At "Brezza Marina Luxury Rooms," we thought of you, making the rooms ideal for a relaxing holiday.
Our goal is to make you feel at home and making sure that your holiday will be unique and
Brezza Marina Luxury Rooms subdivides its rooms: rooms with with twin beds or double bed, with the possibility of adding a third bed in each room.
All our rooms are large minimum 20sqm and they are equipped with desk to meet the needs of
business guests or simply to enjoy comfortably some snacks from our mini bar .
The name of each rooms are 4 of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, unique in the world for



Mari Pintau beach is located about 20 Km from Cagliari . This crystal clear beach on the coast of Cagliari, is part of the municipality of Quartu S. Elena.

The name Mari Pintau "painted sea " reflects its beauty , as if admired from above it looks like a painting. The water is not too deep, sandy and emerald color.




Cala Luna is a beach of Orosei Gulf , in the province of Nuoro.

The beach comes through the mouth of a river called Codula Luna.

It extends for several kilometers , coming from the slopes of Mount Oseli ( 984 m above sea level ) . The beach is characterized by the presence of several caves and bays at the front of the shoreline , created by sea erosion on the limestone rock.





It is one of the most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean Sea, it became a national monument specially due to the turquoise waters and to some underwater gurshings and the beauty of some marble rocks, smoothed by time.

The beach is sprinkled with small white pebbles, and it’s made even more special by an arch towards the sea and the majestic spire of Punta Goloritzé, a must do for all climbers.



It’s one of the most beautiful bays of the coast of Quartu. It is a small cove, dominated by the eponymous tower that stands near the top of the hill of Mala Water.

The coast is rocky, marked by the presence of well-rounded granite rocks and pebbles. The beach is shallow and rocky and the water has colors graduations and changing transparencies; mastic trees, junipers, pines and oaks are a natural dream frame.